Man robs Lexington pharmacy at gunpoint

A search is underway for the man police say robbed a Lexington pharmacy at gunpoint Monday afternoon.

It happened around 1 p.m. at C & C Pharmacy on Mapleleaf Drive. That's near Man O'War Boulevard.

The owner of the pharmacy tells us the suspect's behavior was suspicious from the beginning.

Employees say the man came in and asked about cold medicine.

Employees noticed his hands were visibly shaking when he tried to swipe a credit card to pay for the medicine.

That's when they say the man pulled out a black hand gun.

The pharmacy's owner says the man got about $130 from the register, but he specifically demanded Oxycontin from the pharmacist.

Pharmacists say the suspect kept saying he had just gotten back from Iraq and he didn't want to hurt anyone because he had too much blood on his hands already.

They say he kept repeating that over and over again.

No one was hurt in the robbery.

Lexington Police used canine units to try to track the suspect, but the trail went cold at a nearby apartment complex.

Police say the suspect is a white man, around 6'2", with a stocky build.

He was wearing a black and white hat and a blue hoodie.

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