Governor hopes state budget won't include education cuts

As lawmakers continue to work on a state budget, Governor Beshear is asking them not to cut money from education.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo has said there's a growing chance higher education will be spared from a proposed two-percent cut.

But the governor doesn't want lawmakers to forget about younger students.

He says a proposal to save the state money by taking two days away from the school calendar is a bad idea.

"You know, even states like West Virginia and Tennessee around us go to school 180 days a year," Governor Beshear said Monday. "And I don't think we want to go backward. I think we want to come up and at least go to school as much as they do, because they're our competition. We want to move ahead, not go back."

Lawmakers are expected to have their two year budget written and ready for discussion sometime this week.

The state is facing a more than $1 billion shortfall.

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