Fayette Sheriff's employee charged after home raided

A Fayette County Sheriff's Department employee is out of a job after police raided her home and found drugs.

Lexington Police served a search warrant at 49-year-old Jennifer Sharp's home on Elk Lake Drive after receiving a tip about drug activity there.

According to court documents, undercover officers took dozens of items from the home, mostly drug related. Marijuana pipes and cigarettes, rolling papers, metal scales, hemostats, zip lock baggies with marijuana residue and a number of unlabeled pill bottles were found in the home, according to the search warrant.

Sharp, along with 50-year-old Glenda Tucker were charged with a number of drug possession charges. Sharp no longer works for the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, where she was as a court security officer.

Some neighbors along Elk Lake said they noticed some strange activity along there street recently. "Cars would pull up and park, people would get out and walk down there, then get back in and leave," said one neighbor. She hopes the bust will make that activity stop.

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