Arrests made after Williamsburg Police find meth lab

Three people face charges after Williamsburg Police say they found a meth lab inside an abandoned home.

The investigation started around 8:30 Monday night, after police say they were trying to find a vehicle that had taken off during a chase on Highway 26.

While going to the home of the suspect, police say they spotted a vehicle pulling into the driveway of a home on Slusher Cemetery Road.

After running the tag on the vehicle, police say they found the owner possibly had a warrant for his arrest.

When officers went to the home, police say they noticed a strong chemical odor, and spotted several meth making items.

Once inside the home, police say they found a working meth lab.

Police arrested 23-year-old Justin Paul, 31-year-old Jenifer Osborne, and 45-year-old Angela Siler. Police say all three were inside the home at the time. All three are now charged with making meth.

Paul was also charged with nonpayment of fines, in connection with an active bench warrant.

Police say the home had been abandoned for a long time, and the three suspects were using it just to run a meth lab.

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