Bunning blocks unemployment extension bill again

He's done it again.

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning Tuesday blocked a bill to extend unemployment benefits.

He's been fighting the measure since Thursday, claiming the country doesn't have the money to pay for it.

His one man campaign has become one of the most talked about stories in the country, as hundreds of thousands of unemployment workers wait for resolution.

Tuesday afternoon, those fighting Bunning, and those supporting him, plan to voice their opinions outside the senator's Kentucky offices in both Louisville and Lexington.

"Senator Jim Bunning should know better," Virgil Fugate, an unemployed worker, said. "People are hurting."

Fugate has been looking for a job for over a year, putting him in that target group affected by the senator's decision.

At the Kentucky Job Center in Lexington, panic has set in for some people, according to Workforce Development Manager Jeanne Scott.

"They want to know where their money's at," she said. "I don't know what to tell them. I'm not a politician."

There is also no shortage of people trying to reach the senator's Lexington office. 27 NEWSFIRST called this morning, and the senator's mailbox was full.

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