Debate continues over off campus housing in Lexington

It's an issue that's sparking debate from students to landlords and even Lexington officials.

Tuesday, a meeting is taking place to discuss a set of amendments to the city's zoning code that deal with housing near the UK campus.

Officials say many homes aren't safe because they're so full.

But landlords maintain protecting students is their number one priority.

The Urban County Council has been working to fix the problem of congregate living facilities since last summer.

The housing, which is prevalent near the UK campus, has been called a death trap by some.

Tuesday, a Council committee considered changing the wording in the zoning ordinance to limit who can live in these housing facilities and how many people can live there.

Some agreed smaller numbers are better. But those who support larger numbers of people living in these facilities also let the committee know how they felt.

Any decisions made Tuesday will have to be approved by the full Council later.

Mayor Jim Newberry will be holding another meeting Wednesday to get more input from the community.

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