Dead animals found in a carwash

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The Menifee County Sheriff's Department is looking into who left several dead animals at 460 Carwash on Highway 460 in Menifee County.

"We found them in all three bays," says Renee Nichols, a volunteer at the Menifee County Humane Society and one of the people who helped remove the animals.

"We work everyday to save animals, so when they're shot, that's pretty scary," says Nichols. "It was tough and you get depressed because you think, 'oh my god,' someone could do this with animals."

In all, we're told 15 or 16 animals were discovered all in plastic shopping bags, from possums and chickens to the head of a pig, and 6 cats that were apparently shot.

The owner of the carwash, James Lawson, says he has no idea why his place of business was targeted, but he and those like Nichols want to see justice for the animals.

"If he or she truly shot these animals, we can't tolerate this," says Nichols.

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