Are Extended Warranties Worth It In The Long Run?

They all say "You'll be happy you did it", if something happens to go wrong. But what you don't know is many times when you buy extended warranties, your item is already covered.
It's not an easy purchase anyway: putting down some major cash for big ticket items.
Then, you go to check out, and the clerk wants even more money to cover that item, just in case.
Dr. Raymond Forgue teaches family financial management at the University of Kentucky. He's a consumer expert.
Forgue says when it comes to extended warranties, you're buying insurance against the product failing.
But in many ways, that already comes with the purchase.
"The thing you got to consider," he says, "what I am getting already when you buy it. What kind of warranty does it have? What does the warranty cover? You certainly don't want to pay for a service contract that duplicates the warranty."
But at H.H. Gregg, general manager John Kominsky says the performance guarantee they offer gives the buyer some piece of mind.
"They can really be a good value for the customer, he says. "what people often find is the cost is less than the cost of repair."
Forgue also says on a dollar to dollar basis, the warranties tend to be overpriced. However, he does suggest getting them on items like cell phones and computers.
Truly, it just depends on what you want and need for your peace of mind.

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