Student charged with bringing gun on campus

A Kentucky State University student was arrested after bringing a gun into the school's student center and pointing it at other students, Frankfort Police said.

Police say 23-year-old Christopher Sims was arrested in a computer lab on campus minutes after students called police, saying he was walking through the cafeteria pointing the gun at them.

About a dozen police officers rushed into the student center around 4 p.m. Tuesday with guns drawn.

By the time they found Sims, he was in a computer lab.

When officers arrested him, they say they found a gun in his backpack.

Some students who know Sims say he was possibly upset because his girlfriend broke up with him earlier in the day.

Police were not saying what may have caused Sims to bring the gun on campus and point it at others.

Sims is charged with carrying a weapon at a school, which is a felony.

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