Robbers Get Away, But Not Without A Fight

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It was less than $20, but a worker and a customer at a Lexington sandwich shop fought back.

Three teenagers tried to take-off with a tip jar at the Richmond road Quiznos, they made it out, but not with out a fight.

The only customer Brenda Huffer she says that one of those teens grabbed the tip jar and began removing charge, and that's when the manager noticed him and blocked him.

Two of the teenagers fought the manager roughing him up before escaping the restaurant with the money.

Huffer then jumped in front of the third teen telling him he wasn't going to go away. After an altercation the teen was able to get away.

Both manager and customer say, instinct got the best of them and if it happened again they would have let then get away.

Some of the people working in the shopping center tell 27 NEWSFIRST they're concerned, and that this is the second crime against a business in less than a month.

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