Four arrests made for murder and kidnapping case

More than four years after two bodies were found in a rural area of Bourbon County, police have now made some arrests.

23-year-old Ediel Cruz, 21-year-old Latasha Cruz, 22-year-old Heather Grijalba, and 50-year-old Patrick Noel are all charged in connection to the murder and kidnapping of two men in November, 2005.

Ediel Cruz is charged with murder, kidnapping, and robbery. The other three suspects are charged with kidnapping and robbery.

A hunter found the bodies in a Bourbon County field.

We're told the crimes happened in Lexington, and the bodies were dumped in Bourbon County.

Just last summer, investigators identified the victims as 28-year-old Francisco Aldaba and 19-year-old Miniamin Osorio Lazaro.

State police say their investigation is ongoing. They're expecting additional arrests.

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