Kroger launches new program to help shoppers make healthier choices

Kroger has launched a new program designed to help people make good choices when shopping for themselves or their family.

23 stores in the Lexington area are taking part in "Health Matters."

As part of the program, registered dietitians will now be on staff at the stores.

The dietitians can help you shop for specific nutritional needs. For example, they can help you find gluten free foods, heart healthy foods, or even shop to meet your weight management goals.

You'll also see a new feature, called Nuval Numbers, on most foods and beverages in Kroger.

The Nuval scoring system works on a scale from one to 100. The higher the number, the better the overall nutrition.

Dietitians say "Health Matters" is a good program to help consumers get the nutritional news they need.

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