Bill would allow for Bible elective courses in high schools

It’s not the typical kind of textbook found in public high schools.

“It’s a social studies course, a qualified social studies teacher could do that,” said Senator David Boswell, who is sponsoring a bill to allow elective Bible courses in high schools.

“And it would entail a course on Hebrew scriptures, Old and New Testament,” said Boswell, D-Owensboro.

Senator Boswell says the idea for a bill to allow for a Bible course came from constituents in Owensboro, but the idea is picking up a lot of support from fellow lawmakers.

The bill passed the full Senate 37 to 1, and Sen. Kathy Stein was the only one to vote against it.

“This bill is redundant is more ways than one,” said Stein, D-Lexington.

Senator Stein says the issue can already be taught in many high school classrooms but her main problem is that it focuses only on one form of religion.

“There’s a lot more religious faiths in Kentucky. I believe that it should have been broader and that fact gives me some problems,” said Stein.

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