Police Arrest Man For Pretending To Be A Cop

A man is under arrest after police discover items that indicate he was impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Yesterday afternoon, Richmond Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle near the Office Max at Richmond Mall.

In a search of the car, they discovered several items that led them to believe that the owner of the vehicle was impersonating a peace officer.

Among the items found were blue lights, a weapon and handcuffs.

Even the license plate had been altered to make it appear to be an official state plate, like you would find on a police unit vehicle.

Counterfeit $20.00 dollar bills, prescription pills, as well as a Private Detective ID were also discovered.

The suspect, 37 year old Wendell Emerson Riddell of Berea, was arrested for impersonating a peace officer, among other charges.

Riddell is currently being held at the Madison County Detention Center.

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