Richmond burglaries on the rise

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Burglaries are up in Richmond. In fact, authorities say they're seeing eleven more burglaries a month now than they were this time last year.

The city of Richmond is seeing it's share of burglaries.

"I don't think it's a dangerous place to be. We're just having a lot of problems right now with thefts and property crimes", says Chief Larry Brock with Richmond Police.

Police Chief Larry Brock says it seems burglaries are on the rise and authorities are concerned. It's also a concert to those living near the homes that have been hit.

"The lady across the street called me the other day and said she had seen a dark car next door with two men. One came out of the home with something in his hand and rushed to the truck. Another appeared to leave with a drawer in his hand", says Jacqueline Hoffmann.

Hoffman says that neighbor called police, who then responded quickly to the burglary. This is something that they've been noticing more often recently.

Richmond Police say in 2008 there were 372 burglaries. 268 of those were residential/home burglaries, causing an average of 31 burglaries a month.

In 2009, they say the numbers decreased to 341 burglaries. 264 of those were residential/home burglaries, with an average of 28.4 burglaries a month.

Already in 2010, they say they've seen 79 burglaries. 64 of those are residential/home burglaries, with an average of 39.5 burglaries a month. This is eleven more burglaries a month than they had last year.

"We feel a lot of it is drug related. Either people trying to obtain drugs or trying to steal property to sell to gain money to buy drugs", says Chief Larry Brock.

Either way, Richmond Police are hoping residents will help as they're cracking down, paying attention to their neighborhoods.

"Watch out for each other and call police if you see a suspicious person", says Chief Larry Brock.

Chief Larry Brock says they have made some recent burglary arrests that he's hoping will cut down on the number of burglaries they are currently seeing.

He says they have also been in contact with the Police Citizens Advisory Board about setting up a community forum to talk about crime prevention.

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