Starbucks caught in middle of gun debate

Starbucks' policy allowing customers to carry guns into stores where state laws allow it, will stand.

The company's decision comes after a lot of protest from those on both sides of the issue.

Regardless of local laws, stores can declare their establishment a gun free zone and deny service, just as they could to someone without a shirt or shoes.

But this week in a statement, Starbucks officials said, "Adopting policies different from local laws that allow open gun carrying would put its employees in unfair and potentially unsafe circumstances."

Kentucky is an "open carry" state. Here, the law allows people to openly carry firearms. Permits are only required for concealed weapons.

While gun advocates may consider the Starbucks decision a win, it won't deter gun control supporters. People with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence are still urging the coffeehouse to keep guns out.

The Brady Campaign has launched a petition, with about 26,000 signatures, urging Starbucks to change the policy.

In the meantime, Starbucks officials say the company has no desire to be put in the middle of the larger gun debate.

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