Pharmacy hit by thieves looking for pills not money

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It's a crime that has a pharmacy owner on edge.

Thieves broke into the Annville Pharmacy in Jackson County overnight, stealing prescription pain pills and over the counter medicine.

Dave Spencer has more on what's being done to catch the criminals.

Owner Ron Worley is trying now to figure what hurts worse, his gut or the literal punch in the door.

"They tried to get in this first couldn't do it, so went through the glass."

Worley is describing the latest robbery at his pharmacy.

Witness told police two men pulled up the pharmacy around 2:00 AM in a dark blue Mercury Cougar.

A sheriff deputy says the thieves didn't waste much time.

Worley says they wanted both prescription pain pills and over the counter drugs, including blood pressure and allergy medicine.

What they left alone surprised the pharmacy owner, they weren't after any money.

By the time police arrived the thieves were nowhere to be found.

Now the sheriff's department is talking with neighboring counties to see if they too are experiencing break-ins at pharmacies.

Worley says he plans to take measures to ensure his store doesn't get broken into again, including installing a rolldown gate where the window used to be.

The Anneville Pharmacy owner says this is the second time in two years someone has broken into his store.

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