Are the blue "tattle tale" lights on Nicholasville Road doing the job?

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There's a reason Lexington traffic engineers chose nicholasville road to install "tattle tale" lights among other safety measures.

"Nicholasville road is dangerous," says most of the drivers we spoke with.

Congestion, coupled with the sheer number of traffic lights is a recipe for red light running.

But catching the law breakers is not as easy as it may seem. Traffic engineers say pulling anyone over on nicholasville road is extremely difficult for police, and doing so can cause more congestion and back up problems.

A problem that was intended to be helped with a little blue light but police say the tattle tell lights which tell police when a traffic from the opposite direction is running a red light, is not doing what it's designed to do and the numbers seem to back that up.

In December of 2009 two of the top ten intersections for collisions in Lexington occured at places where the 900 thousand dollars worth of safety measures were installed.. a total 18 crashes in one month.

And over a three month period from Thanksgiving to the end of January the number of red light tickets written by police have gone down. 22 in 2008, 18 in 2009, and since the blue tattle lights have been in place only 15 tickets written at the four intersections where the lights are in place.

leaving some to wonder if the efforts and money are worth it.

The drivers told us, "It seems like a waste of money."

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