Wife Of Injured Irvine Police Officer Speaks Out

The family of a Irvine police officer shot Friday night at random speaks about the experience to 27 NEWSFIRST only.
Eva Asher, the wife Eddie Asher; the officer police say was shot in the back of the head by Junice "Dickie" Mays, says her husband is doing well.
Eva Asher said, she was about to go to bed when she heard the shot ring out Friday night.
Asher said, the couple's apartment was only 50 feet from where the shooting happened.
Asher said, as soon as she heard the gunshots she rushed to the scene; knowing it was her husband, because he was the only officer on duty.
Asher said, when she arrived on the scene she found her husband covered in blood; from the glass and gun pellet wounds.
Eddie was rushed to the hospital and was released Saturday morning.
Asher said, by Saturday night Eddie Asher and his Christian rock band, "Hundredfold", were playing in concert in Pikeville Kentucky.
Mays is facing several charges, including attempted murder.
He's also getting a mental health evaluation.

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