911: What's Your Emergency

By: Jermont Terry

When most people dial 9-1-1 there's usually an emergency. But a 27 NEWSFIRST Investigation found many of the calls coming into 911 call centers across Central Kentucky have nothing to due with a true emergencies and it's costing you money.

Here in Lexington 840,000 calls come into the emergency 911 call center annually. We've learned 35% of them, that's nearly 300,000 of the calls are not emergencies at all.

"It's a serious problem," says Mark Glaros a 911 communicator for more than 20 years with Lexington Emergency Services.

"It could get somebody injured or killed," says Glaros.

In an emergency every seconds counts.

So when the call takers are on the line talking with non-emergency callers it keeps them from answering important calls.

With so many nonsense calls the call center is forced to add more communicators. In the end taxpayers end up paying more. It costs Lexington an additional $150,000 dollars of your tax money to deal with the non-emergency calls.

The Lexington 9-1-1 director, David Lucas says many of the calls can be eliminated if people simply call the city's information line, LEXCALL, at 311 or 859-425-2255.

To listen to the 911 nonsense calls click on the links below.
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