Family grieves the loss of mother of three

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The Hazel Green Elementary School community is still grieving the loss of teacher's aide 41-year old Jennifer McQueen as is her family who spoke to 27 Newsfirst about what this loss means to them.

In an emotional interview, Jeff McQueen talks about the wife he says he lost too soon.

"Her goal was to have a stable home, and that's what she done," says McQueen, of his wife Jennifer. "Her life ended so tragically, it seems so wrong."

McQueen's wife Jennifer was taking her children to school Thursday when she lost control of her SUV along Highway 490. While her three daughters from ages 8 to 14 survived the crash, the 41-year old mother died from her injuries.

"It's just totally devastating," says Brenda Combs, Jennifer McQueen's sister-in-law.

The McQueen family home was full of family and friends, as they continued to comfort each other in this time of need.

"I've got to be strong for my girls, and do as I promised my wife I would in this situation," says McQueen. "If this ever happened, we promised each other, that we'd take care of our girls."

The family is working to move forward, including husband Jeff McQueen who had been campaigning for 4th district Magistrate race before his wife's death.

"We have been working on fliers, and now it's all up in the air, and we really just don't know which way to turn," says McQueen.

But McQueen is hoping continue on, this time in his wife's honor.

"It was the ambition of hers to see me succeed, and my kids, they feel like I should do it for her mother's sake," says McQueen.

Friday, a grief counselor came by the McQueen family home to offer counseling for McQueen's three young daughters, all visibly devastated.

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