Man accused of stealing church's money to pay for phone sex calls

A man faces charges after police say he stole money from a church to pay for phone sex calls.

The Mercer County Sheriff says 23-year-old Michael Graham even wrote a letter confessing to the crime.

Investigators say he simply took advantage of the church after its members offered to help him pay a water bill.

Sheriff Chris Kehrt says Graham stole the identity of the Abundant Life Church.

The church apparently wrote a check to Graham to help him pay a water bill. But the sheriff says Graham had other ideas.

"This is a new thing, taking checking and routing numbers off a valid account, and using it to call 1-900 numbers of the sexual nature," Kehrt said.

Kehrt said the bill for the calls was close to $800. He also says Graham has been staying at the Rainbow House, a place for people with mental disabilities. But Kehrt said Graham also has an uncanny ability to remember numbers.

"He can memorize the check and routing numbers and then use it for his sex call sessions," Kehrt said. "And the church was notified they'd been overdrawn and it was traced back to him."

In a written letter to police, Graham confessed to the crime, writing, "I used their checking account to call the sex lines for my pleasure. I did it but I know I shouldn't have done it. I'm very sorry and I know I have to go to jail."

The sheriff says it's likely Graham will undergo a mental evaluation.

Investigators say Graham may also be linked to a similar crime at a local store, in which the account and routing numbers were memorized from a check, then used for phone sex.

Graham has been indicted on 11 felony counts for the misuse of electronic information.

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