Fayette County Schools Need More Bus Drivers

Hard to believe schools will be starting up again soon, Fayette County's first day is August 13th.

The school system is trying to get things in place for that first day. Such things like lining up enough bus drivers to make sure all the students get to school on time.

The school system needs a fleet of about 200 drivers. The district has 250 buses but they only use about 180 at a time and right now they have 177 drivers.

It takes more than a drivers license to get behind the wheel of a school bus. Fayette County will put you through the paces from start to finish and if you pass you can become one of the more than 200 drivers they need.

The district has made a few changes to make the job a little less stressful. There are now only 3 different start times for schools.

School officials say they plan to add a monitor to each school bus.

That will allow the driver to focus on the operation of the bus and allowing the monitor to watch those on the bus.

The district has also hired a recruiter to focus on seeking out qualified drivers so the district doesn't get into a bind when school starts.

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