One killed in early morning fire

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Kentucky State Police are still investigating an early morning house fire in Clay County that killed a young man.

Charles William Smith was only 23 years old, with a fiancee and a two year-old son. Smith spent most of Saturday at his parents house, working on a motor in his dad's jeep.

"He liked to work on old cars, that's what I let him do. I own a junk yard and car lot and he worked for me when he wanted to," Beck Sester said.

After working on the car, Smith had dinner with his mom.

"When he was leaving, he told her he loved her, told her he loved me," Sester said.

These were the last words he would ever say to his mother. Charles went back home to sleep, and about an hour later, his dad got a call.

"A neighbor told me his house was on fire. By the time I got there, it was fully engulfed," Sester said.

Oneida fire fighters tried to put out the flames, but it was too late to save Charles.

"A young man, 23 years old. Life was just starting for him," Sester said.

Charles is survived by his fiancee of three years and their young son. Sester said Charles was a great dad, and his kind and generous heart will be missed.

"I loved him dearly, he was my baby son. Don't know how I'm gonna get through this truthfully," Sester said.

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