Woman accused of running over man with car pleads not guilty

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A Frankfort woman is in jail after police say she slammed into a man with her car. On Monday, 27-year-old Nicola Moodley pleaded not guilty in her arraignment at the Franklin County Jail.

Police charged Moodley with drunk driving, assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to render aid after they say hit 35-year-old Brian Long with a car.

Neighbors say they often saw Brian Long and Nicola Moodley at Long's house just around the corner from where he was hit, and they say today's violence comes as a complete surprise.

Ashton Cox was in his front yard just a few houses away when he saw Brian Long go flying through the air. "To be honest with you, I wished I hadn't saw it. It was pretty traumatic," Cox said.

Moments before the crash, Cox noticed Nicola Moodley get out of the passenger side of the car and walk away crying. He says Long got out of the driver side when the couple began arguing. Cox says the next thing he knew Long was walking away from the car when Moodley came back and got in the driver seat. "She went completely off the road. She was intentionally trying to take him out," Cox told 27 NEWSFIRST.

Cox watched in horror as the car hit Long from behind. "It happened really fast, but he kind of flipped back, hit the windshield, and deflected off the windshield and went in the air again, and then when he came down, the car had already cleared out of the way, and then he come and rested down on the edge of the driveway," Cox said.

Cox tells 27 NEWSFIRST Moodley kept driving as he called 911. Police found Moodley just a few blocks from the crash. "It was obvious she was under the influence of alcohol, and she was arrested for that," Major Fred Deaton with the Frankfort Police Department said.

As for Long, Cox says he was barely moving before paramedics airlifted him to a Lexington hospital. "Really at the time, I thought the man was dead," Cox said.

Nicola Moodley is in the Franklin County Jail where she's facing multiple charges. Brian Long was flown to UK Hospital and was last listed in serious condition.

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