Students At Several Fayette County Public Schools Have The Option To Transfer To A Different School.....But The Deadline is Looming

It's all part of the No Child Left Behind Initiative. If a school is failing to meet goals set by the state the parents can switch schools. While the CATS test scores, which this is primarily based, on won’t be in until September the district is predicting that 10 schools won't make the grade.

Those 10 have not made the grade in the past two years and even if they do make it this year it takes two consecutive years of improvement to be removed from the list

There were 126 students who utilized the transfer option last year. If you want to transfer your student from say Bryan Station High School which is on the list there are several rules in place.

Only certain schools are able to accept transfer students based on whether or not they are in question and if they have the room for more students and how it affects transportation for the district.

The deadline for applications is August 3rd. The school will then evaluate all applications and decide if they can be accepted.

And if your transfer request is accepted you'll be notified. This is the most notice parents have ever received from the district.

The district says the two weeks notice this year gives families more time to make decisions as a whole.

If you are planning to use the transfer option and your student is an athlete the athletic rules come into play meaning they'll have to sit out a year.

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