Church Members Witness Man Stealing From Parked Cars

Fariston United Baptist Church is decades old, but its members say what happened Sunday morning right in the middle of worship services was a first.

“So then he (a church member) looked up again and seen him through there, running around those cars,” said James Walden of the sight seen during just after 11 a.m. Sunday.

Walden says their service was interrupted by a man stealing stuff from cars parked outside.

“He got medicine out of some, telephones, power saws and other objects,” says Walden

Some members chased the man but he got away, but not before his license plate number was written down and later police arrested 30-year-old Steven L. Robinson.

“If they would let me have a hold of him I could stop some of it,” said church member Bobby Owens.

People at Holly Bay Marina at Laurel Lake also say someone stole things from boats, and others say police told them it all started when a camper at Bee Rock left his campsite just to steal stuff.

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