Gap offering jean turn in program to help environment

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Gap has discovered a way to put you in new jeans and clean out your closet at the same time.

Meteorologist Lauren Raymer shows us how they plan to take your blues and turn them into something green for the community.

As many of you start spring cleaning, Gap says don't throw away your holey jeans, they want them, and for a very green reason!

All customers have to do is bring in any used denim, of any brand, and they'll ship off your old jeans to Cotton Incorporated to be recycled into cotton fiber insulation that is used for homes.

So far the Cotton, from Blues to Green program has recycled enough denim to make environmentally-friendly insulation for 540 homes.

Better yet, you don't go away empty handed.

For each denim item you bring in, you get 30% off of a new denim item in the store.

Only 500 pairs of denim is all it takes to insulate 1 home.

Customers can bring in as many denim items as they want to recycle.

Over 1,000 gap stores across the U.S. will be recycling your jeans and offering the discount until March 15th.

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