Job openings bring big crowd

Some people say it looked like a scene from the depression, thousands waiting hours Saturday, to apply for a job.

Today the founder of the company offering work, said job applicants could be contacted as early as this week to begin the interview process.

For Rick Corman, of RJ Corman, the outpouring of people was very emotional.

"You walk down that line, and shake hands with 2,600 people, and hear a guy tell you, he didn't have his car run last night, and it got down to 20 degrees, because he was afraid he wouldn't have enough gas to get home."

2,600 people applied for 100 jobs, paying $25 to $30 dollars an hour.

More than a thousand railroad companies applied for millions in federal job money.

Only four were approved, including Corman's Nicholasville based company.

Corman says he'll never forget the faces on Saturday.

"Actually I broke down and cried three times. They were consoling me, and I was thinking I'm supposed to be trying to encourage these guys, and I'm crying, not a good sign."

Corman hopes to have the new workers on the job with his railroad within a month.

Some, maybe many of the workers, could eventually get permanent jobs with Corman.

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