Murder victim's family upset over suspect's home incarceration

It’s been almost two years since Julie Burchett’s body was found at a pallet mill, outside Monticello. She was stabbed to death.

Almost a year later….police arrested Hope White. She was supposed to stand trial Tuesday but on Friday, she was released…to her house…with a monitoring device keeping a track on her every move.

“She’s in the comfort of her home. I’ll put it that way, it’s not the same as being in jail,” said Burchett’s niece, Lela Massengale.

“I’ve never heard of anybody being arrested on murder, then being let out on House incarceration,” said the victim’s father, William Hicks.

Few details of the crime were released by police but Burchett’s father believes jealousy was behind the motive. The 24 year old was recently married and was planning on starting a family.

“It’s hard being that close to somebody knowing that she never had been a mother, she hadn’t been married very long,” said Massengale.

“The trial now against Hope White is supposed to start April 19th. It was pushed back because the lawyers didn’t think 4 days was enough time to finish the trial.

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