Soldier's Family Critically Injured In Accident

There’s new information about a horrific crash that sent six people, including three children, to the hospital.

It happened Tuesday afternoon on the AA Highway near Alexandria in Campbell County.

It turns out that family members of an Iraq-bound soldier are now in critical condition.

Sgt. Michael Evans’ wife and two children were involved in the accident.

Reports say the family’s car was sitting at an intersection when it was hit by a semi truck.

It started a chain reaction of accidents.

The semi then went down a hill, causing another vehicle to overturn in a ditch and then hit another car.

Sgt. Evans was immediately notified while doing final training in Wisconsin before his deployment, which was expected to be in the next few days.

He’s now on emergency leave.

At last check, his wife was in critical condition and his two children were in critical condition.