Dunbar Athletic Trainer Arrested For Distributing Obscene Matter

A man who worked with Lexington school children is now in trouble with the law for sending an obscene picture of himself through e-mail.

Lexington Police arrested 33 year old Gregory Jackson last night. He was a trainer with UK who worked with athletes at Dunbar High School.

Police charged Jackson with distribution of an obscene matter to a minor. They say he e-mailed the dirty picture to a 17-year-old girl.

School officials say Jackson worked with all the teams at Dunbar, male and female, but did not work for the school system.

Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman issued the following statement following Jackson's arrest:

“This matter was brought to our attention by a concerned parent this morning and we acted immediately. We contacted the Crimes Against Children Unit with the Lexington Police Department and our Fayette County Public Schools law enforcement department. We contacted the University of Kentucky since Mr. Jackson is a UK employee, and directed them not to have him back on any of our campuses. The University of Kentucky has been extremely cooperative and is replacing him today. As we would do in any situation like this, we acted swiftly to have this person removed. We’re pleased that this parent brought this to our attention so that we could take appropriate action.”

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