Prosecution Rests in 2004 Bourbon County Murder Case

The prosecution has rested its case against Kristopher Carter.

Carter is charged with complicity in the 2004 stabbing death of 19-year old Jennifer Toadvine.

Wednesday, jurors heard the last of the state's case against Carter, that included testimony by video from the state's medical examiner.

The victim's mother has testified for the prosecution, and jurors heard testimony from admitted killer, William Oliver, who testified that Carter did not kill Toadvine.

Today in court, Carter looked down at the table in front of him as the wounds Jennifer Toadvine suffered were described in great detail.

Prosecutors read a deposition given by State Pathologist Dr. Roth, and used a taped cross-examination of Dr. Emily Craig, the state Forensic Anthropologist.

Both testimonies included stab wounds to the back of the neck and the front of the chest, saying that the blow to the torso likely to be fatal. However, for the first time, prosecutors and testimony given by Dr. Craig implied there is a chance two different weapons were used.

The defense is expected to begin it's case Thursday and the jury could have the case by Friday.

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