Home Destroyed By Fire Before Anyone Noticed

A Casey County family is without a home after a devastating fire.

A man on Bastin Creek Rd. says he walked out on this front porch Wednesday morning and looked out across the street and saw what he first thought was fog.

He soon realized it was smoke rising from where his neighbor's house used to be. He called the fire department, but when they arrived, there wasn't anything left to do to save the home.

People say it was a beautiful two story log home, with a gorgeous view of the Casey County Valley below. But now it's all gone.

Firefighters say they don't know when the home actually burned, but they think it burned down in about 2 hours sometime overnight. It was made almost completely of wood.

A KSP arson investigator says nearly all clues to the cause were destroyed. Whether it was accidentally or intentionally set isn't yet known.

“When there's nobody at home, we want to make sure everything is taken care of. All loose ends are tied up,” says Jack Bendschneider of the East Casey County Fire Department.

Neighbors says the homeowners were visiting family in the Cincinnati area but they cut their trip short to find out very little survived the flames. Firefighters say it is unusual no one called them sooner, but they believe the weather could be to blame.

“We noticed it was kind of foggy late last night so that may have played a part where it kind of sits off the road a way,” says Bendschneider.

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