Starving Horses Rescued From Lee County Farm

It's a sight even police in one Eastern Kentucky county couldn't believe.
Seven horses, all starving, as their owner struggled to take care of them.
The horses all lived on a farm in rural Lee County.
Now officials are stepping in, hoping to save their lives.
All of the horses were kept in pastures with absolutely no grass in them.
They also had nothing to eat.
The owner says he's done his best to feed the horses when possible.
But recently, he says he's been in a spot where he wasn't able to buy feed for them.
Lee County Sheriff Donnie Hogan says he's not going to tolerate this kind of cruelty.
"I'm trying to get a point across to a lot of people that I'm not gonna tolerate animals being in such a shape as these are," Hogan said.
The owner of the horses refused to talk to 27 NEWSFIRST.
Sheriff Hogan says because drought was a factor, and because the owner agreed to give away all 7 horses to a Lee County feed store owner, he decided not to file any charges.
"I just wish he had called us a little quicker before they got in this bad a shape," Hogan said.

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