Student arrested for shooting BB gun at school bus

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It was an unwelcome break in a daily routine.

“It was a BB gun, and it was fired as the bus went down the street,” says Paul Christy, the director of operations for the Clark County School District.

The incident happened Monday afternoon, while Clark County’s bus #53 unloaded students at the Yorktowne Mobile Estates. School officials say 17 students were still on board along with a bus monitor and driver.

“Anytime something is thrown, fired or shot at the bus full of students, it could be extremely hazardous and dangerous to those on board,” says Christy.

Clark County School Officials say though the bus monitor was sitting where the BB hit the window, no one was injured but just hit with some debris.

By noon Tuesday, the person responsible was caught and arrested, thanks to surveillance video school officials say are taken on every bus.

“This system has dramatically reduced our disciplinary problems and yes, in this situation, it made short order of what could have taken many many days, many many hours of questioning students with maybe not getting accurate information,” says Christy.

School officials say the person who has been arrested for the incident is a minor and a student at the alternative school in the Clark County School System The student wasn’t in attendance the day of the incident, because of a previous suspension.

Some parents still can’t help but to feel uneasy, and they’re hoping even more precaution can be taken.

“I want more protection and more security,” says Kristy Dotson, a mother of six children. “There are fights on school buses and shootings on school buses.”

Clark County School officials say they want parents to know they aren’t taking this situation lightly and plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

The school district says it plans to pursue felony wanton endangerment charges, a count for each person that was on board.

Letters were sent home with all 6,000 students in the district, letting parents know what happened.

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