John Wall craze continues as he's named SEC Player of Year

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Today John Wall was named the SEC Player of the year. We take a look at the popularity of the freshman during his time on the court, and how fans reacted to his big award.

Just type the name John Wall online and you're bound to find a number of music videos for him and even more videos of people of all ages doing the dance he showed off during Big Blue Madness. From Coach Cal, to kids, to professional athletes and teammates...the dance is everywhere.

It seems a lot of students on the University of Kentucky's campus have been doing the John Wall dance a lot lately, especially today as he was named the SEC Player of the Year.

"I was suspecting it. He's amazing. Probably the best athlete I've seen in awhile", says student Jacob Kamuf.

"He's a nice hard in class and is a great basketball player", says student Amanda Whowell.

"He's dynamic. He's a great athlete and great for the University", says student Michael Zeit.

The freshman phenom out of Raleigh, North Carolina who is now the SEC Player of the Year, with the songs, dance, and part of the team that continues to make headlines.

"I think it's the team effort that's changed that, but he's the spark to the fire that brought Kentucky basketball to where it is now", says student Brent Teichman.

John Wall becomes only the second freshman to ever be named the SEC Player of the Year. The other was Chris Jackson from LSU.

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