Mom gives birth to baby she didn't know she was carrying

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What's most miraculous about newborn Brian Keith Sims is that his mom says until the day she gave birth, she didn't know she was pregnant. "I had lost a bunch of weight. I just thought I was gaining it all back. I was on the pill and having periods every month like I was supposed to," Kelly Bottom said.

It was just a normal day of doing laundry and other chores, when Kelly felt something strange. "I was using the bathroom before, and then I just knew I had to do something besides that, so that's when I got on the floor, and I pushed, and out he came."

Kelly thought back to her first son's birth, and improvised. "I done what I thought I should do. There happened to be a pair of scissors in there, and that's what I cut the umbilical cord with."

But just as little Brian entered the world, his big brother James was getting out of school, so Kelly went back to her to do list. "I just knew I had to pick my son up because nobody else was going to do it."

When Kelly got to the school, even that task had its regular difficulties of waiting in line, so Kelly asked the school staff to make an exception. "I need to get him now," she explained, "I can't wait in that line, and she's like, well, normally you have to go up there and check him out. I was like, today ain't normal, and I need him now. I just had this baby, and I need to go."

That's when James had a natural reaction to his new baby brother. "I almost had a heart attack, because she had a baby, and I didn't know she had a baby," James Sims told 27 Newsfirst.

When the boys' father, Ronnie Sims saw 5 missed calls on his phone, he called Kelly, and she told him she was on her way to the hospital, but he still didn't know why. "I got up there about 6 o'clock, and I thought when I sat down she said we're going to have a baby, but she told me, we done had a baby. I said, do what? It's just like a tornado coming through. It's unexpected," Ronnie Sims said.

Now Dad says he's proud of his new son and even more proud of Mom. "Hats off to her," Ronnie told 27 Newsfirst, "cause she's a pretty stout lady to do something like that, I think."

After a few days in the hospital, doctors gave little Brian a clean bill of health.

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