Wayne County murder suspect back behind bars

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An accused murderer allowed out of jail on home incarceration is back behind bars. On Tuesday a judge ordered the Wayne County Sheriff's Department monitor Hope White at her house 24 hours a day until her April trial date. Today, she found herself back in jail.

Hope White has only been out of jail for a few days after being released by a judge on Friday to home incarceration.

White is accused of murder for the death of Julie Burchett in 2008. Burchett was found stabbed to death.

Late Tuesday the judge ordered the Wayne County Sheriff's Department monitor the home White was staying at until her trial in April, giving her 24 hour protection, seven days a week.

Today the homeowner let 27NewsFirst inside to speak with White off-camera who said the police presence was unnecessary, saying it only drew more attention to the home.

The Wayne County Sheriff telling us it would also be a setback for the department.

"We don't have near enough people to do this without running into overtime and it takes people off the streets to do other things", says Sheriff Charles Boston.

We raised the question, who planned to pay for the overtime for the deputies since it was court ordered they remain in front of the home around the clock.

"At the time we are paying for it. Hopefully the state will come through and pay for it", says Sheriff Charles Boston.

Soon after we left the sheriff's office he says he addressed the judge about that issue and passed along what he says Hope White also told his deputies today. They say she told them that she would rather be back in jail than have them sitting in front of her home.

Late this afternoon the judge ordered White be picked back up. She's now back behind bars at the Wayne County Detention Center awaiting her trial o April 19th.