Rash of copper thefts

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Winchester police say copper thieves have stolen from more than a dozen homes and businesses over the past week.

One of those businesses, was the Opera House. For the owners, this is a major set-back.

"It's a big step back for us - we have to try to get all this work done," said owner Vanessa Ziembroski.

Tuesday morning Ziembroksi's husband discovered their large air conditioning units behind their building had been stripped of copper.

"Copper was cut and hanging," Ziembroksi said.

It's not just them.

There's been a rash of copper thefts of both businesses and homes over the past week, both inside and outside the city.

The thieves are targeting air-conditioning units.

"We're at probably a dozen if not more," said Winchester police Capt. James Hall.

Authorities believe the warmer weather, and high price of copper, has thefts on the rise.

"It's very frustrating I feel that for the amount of money the thieves would get it is small in comparison to the damage that's done," said Ziembroksi.

As they plan out the repair-work, authorities are working on tracking down the thieves.

"There are several individuals who are known copper thieves who we've dealt with in the past, and they're out right now - they are persons of interest," said Capt. Hall.

Copper thieves have also stolen from two Kentucky Utilities sub-stations in Clark County recently.

Police recommend keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Winchester Police Department.

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