Gas leak causes scare at busy Lexington intersection

Traffic is moving again at a busy Lexington intersection after being closed for more than an hour due to a gas leak.

The intersection of South Limestone and the Avenue of Champions reopened just before 11 a.m. Thursday.

Officials say a construction crew working along South Limestone accidentally hit a two-inch gas line around 9 Thursday morning, causing some gas to leak.

City officials say the construction crew thought the gas line was not in use.

As a precaution, police closed part of South Limestone, and evacuated several businesses in the area. All of those businesses have since been allowed to reopen.

The gas was later turned off, avoiding any danger in the area. Columbia Gas officials tell us crews will be working to repair the line this afternoon.

No Columbia Gas customers lost service because of the leak. No one was hurt because of this incident.

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