Former teacher charged with son's death enters guilty plea

A former teacher, charged in the death of her infant son, changed her plea Thursday.

Courtney Bishop entered a guilty plea to reckless homicide. She had been charged with murder and criminal abuse.

Lexington police say Bishop, who was a music teacher at Christ The King, beat her son, Caleb, to death three years ago.

Prosecutors will now recommend five years in prison when Bishop is sentenced next month.

During her court appearance today she explained her actions. She told the judge; "It was in my care at the time. And I didn't see that he could've been hurt or possibly... possibly died."

The prosecution was seeking a life sentence in prison but Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "It's very important Bishop acknowledges her role in the child's death and she did that."

By changing her plea Bishop gives up her right to a trial and any appeals. The case was set to go to trial March 15th.

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