Senate panel advances "Amanda's Bill"

Connie Kingrey couldn’t help but tearing up as the Senate Judiciary Committee passed House Bill 1, "Amanda’s Bill."

“I was a victim of domestic violence for 27 years,” said Kingrey who was in the audience as the committee considered the legislation.

Kingrey…and Diana Ross…Amanda’s mother… witnessed the committee unanimously passing the domestic violence bill. Ms. Ross declined comment after the meeting.

Kingrey says she lived in fear for many years….but had her ex-husband been forced to wear a GPS monitoring device…she believes...

“He would be in jail today,” she said.

The Senate heard weeks of testimony and debate on the bill named after the woman allegedly killed by Steve Nunn, who is awaiting trail on murder charges. The panel heard lots of concerns over the version the House passed.

“We’re concerned about the constitutionality that’s been raised a number of times,” said Sen. Tom Jensen, R-London.

Such as if forcing someone to wear an ankle monitor in a civil proceeding actually treats them like a criminal.

The big difference in the Senate version is that there would have to be a violation of a domestic violence order, before a judge could order someone to wear an ankle monitoring device.

Sponsor and House Speaker Greg Stumbo doesn’t think that will water down the bill.

“I think the net of protection is very good. It’s a very well reasoned approach,” said Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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