London Doctor accused by colleague of sexual misconduct against 11 patients

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Dr. Jackie Maxey's family practice in London is located on Professional Drive, but another doctor in Town says Maxey's conduct with some patients is anything but professional and the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure has issued an emergency order of restriction.

A report by the board outlines examples of misconduct by Dr. Maxey, Patient A as it's referred to in the report, is a 17 year old girl who allegedly came to Dr. Maxey with strep throat, instead she claims Dr. Maxey asked her mother to leave, then performed a PAP smear and didn't even look at her sore throat.

Patient B, a 21 year old claims in one year she had 20-30 pelvic exams by Dr. Maxey. Most doctors recommend one or two a year.

She also claims she had to allow the doctor to examine her in order for Maxey to write a prescription for another ailment.

When confronted by the board Maxey told them it was his passion to find and treat Gynecological Cancer because his mother died from the disease.

After meeting the board ordered Maxey must be occupied by a chaperon when doing his exams but still allowed to practice medicine.

The Board also indicated the Dr. could face criminal charges.

Law enforcement say it's hands are tied, the Sheriff, State Police and County Attorney say without a victim they can't make an arrest.

The Commonwealth Attorney says he just received the complaints today and will look into criminal charges. Dr. Maxey's staff told us he had no comment.

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