MADD urges Senate to move on anti DUI bill

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For those who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents, the pain is still fresh in their minds.

"The coroner knocked on my door at three in the morning," says Mary Jane Oswald, whose son Trey was killed by a drunk driver in 2004 in Jefferson County. "That was a nightmare, and I relive that everyday."

That same year in Bourbon County, David Warner lost his grandson Branson. He was 6-years-old.

"Branson Taylor was killed by a drunk driver on Highway 127," says Warner.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving and lawmakers are urging support of the anti DUI bill, House Bill 58, which would require ignition interlocks that would require those convicted of driving under the influence to blow into a device before their car would start.

"This is not Democratic or Republican issue, it's about saving lives we all came to the legislature to make the Commonwealth a better place to live," says Representative Dennis Keene (D-Campbell), author of House Bill 58.

The bill has already passed in the House with a 95 to 0 vote, but supporters say it's now stalled in the Senate, and they want to see that changed.

If this bill had been in place, I might still have an grandson today," says Warner.

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