Garrard County home destroyed in fire

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A Garrard County family is homeless after their house on Bryantsville Road caught fire.

Fire officials say the homeowners had recently had their electricity shut off and were heating their home with lanterns.

"They had a coal oil lantern burning in the room, and she got up this morning, and I guess kicked the coal oil lantern over and there was a pile of clothes there," said firefighter Tevis Graham.

The fire spread quickly.

A Fire department across the street responded within minutes.

"We had quite a few firefighters here and were on scene for a couple hours," said Graham.

But they were not able to save the home.

"The house is a total loss," Graham said, "all the property, too."

The teenager who lived there with her father had been home alone at the time and managed to escape. But now her family wonders how they'll recover from this.

"They've lost about everything they own ," said Graham, "they lost all their clothing and stuff - everything they own is just lost."

The Red Cross has offered to put the family in a hotel for the night as they decide where to go from here. They have also provided clothing vouchers for the family.

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