Police dog bites off part of DUI suspect's ear

On Friday afternoon police say they were after Brian Davis for driving drunk.

"I resisted arrest.. and I ran on foot," said Davis, of his recent encounter with police in Pulaski County.

Several police officers joined the chase and a K-9 unit was called. But Davis says what happened next resulted in him losing a big part of his left ear.

"The K-9 unit (officer and dog) walked over to me. Dog grabbed my ear, mauled it off and walked away with it," said Davis.

Davis claims this all took place while he was handcuffed.

But that's not what police say happened. They say Davis was found hiding under a porch after at first running from them. They say he had to be dragged out and at that point, and became very aggressive.

Police also say Davis refused to put his hands behind his back, and the canine snapped only after Davis made an aggressive move under the porch. Still, Davis is sticking to his story, and he also says he did not receive adequate medical attention.

"They took me to the hospital. Had me stitched up and brought me straight to jail without bandages or gauze," said Davis.

Davis pleaded guilty Monday morning to reduced charges and he also agreed not to pursue civil action against the sheriff, but he claims he was pressured into that plea.

"Don't plan on letting them get away with it, because it could happen to someone else," he said.

Davis was also sentenced to a year in jail, but he won't have to serve any time as long as he doesn't commit any more crimes.

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