Police: Thieves stealing from patients at hospitals

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The man on the video looks harmless enough, wandering the halls of a hospital. But police say he steals a purse then hands it to a woman he's accused of working with, who then cashes the checks at a bank drive-thru.

A Elizabethtown Police Officer describes what he sees on the surveillance video, taken from a hospital in Hardin County.

"The gentleman, he walks through, checking doors, and once he can make entry into a particular room, they're grabbing women's purses. Then as soon as they get that purse, they head to the bank where they were cashing checks, so in other words, they get the ID and go through the pull through window."

Police say the couple is responsible for thefts at Hardin Memorial Hospital and a surgical center on March 8th.

Now police are saying this likely isn't the first crime they've committed, saying they could possibly committing crimes across the state.

Police say the couple has blended in with other people at the hospitals, giving the impression they're supposed to be there.

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