Good Question: Did Coach Cal really make the shot on the commercial?

We see a lot commercials featuring UK Coach John Calipari, but one in particular is gaining a lot of attention.

Good Question-Mike in Richmond writes:Did Coach Calipari really make the shot on the Windstream commercial?

Coach of the Wildcats, television star, but what about a trick shot artist?

One shot in particular certainly leads you to believe Coach Cal's got game!

"You may not know this, he set some records in his playing days at Clarion University for free throw shooting." said Barry Bishop, Regional Vice President of Operations for Windstream.

John Calipari is a spokesman for Windstream, Bishop says it was a natural fit to have him on the basketball court as the backdrop for their commercial.

Bishop says Coach Cal put in several hours in front of the camera that day to get to the money shot.

"Don't tell him, but we actually thought about bringing in Joe B. Hall as a stunt double." said Bishop.

If you've seen the hook, you know there was no need.

"Luckily we didn't have to do that, Coach Cal did finally hit the shot, but it didn't go in on the first shot."

No matter how many tries, it matters most to the folks at Windstream that they have a winning spokesman in Coach Cal.

"He's great, the things he's done in the short time he's been in the Commonwealth is phenomenal, he's not slowing down a bit." said Bishop.

We pressed for the number of attempts, but couldn't get answer.

The folks at Windstream did say Coach Cal worked four to six hours that day shooting the commercial.

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