Spring Break keeps many students from ticket lottery

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You'd think that first dibs on seats at UK's first game in the NCAA tournament would have lined students around the block, but Spring Break kept most away from Monday night's ticket lottery, and that made for a few very lucky students.

Long lines are what students have come to expect from ticket lotteries for basketball games this year.

UK senior Tommy Kuhlman was prepared to wait for hours, but when he got to the lottery he found a very different scene from what he expected. "I was kind of surprised at how few people were here really, but I'm pretty excited about it," Kuhlman said.

Fellow UK senior Barrett Singleton says he's been to more than a dozen of these lotteries over the years, and it makes sense why this one was different. "Everybody's in Florida for Spring Break," Singleton said, "A lot of people had plans for Nashville, and then they flew out for Florida."

Singleton says keeping his vacation flexible has paid off well. "Our Spring Break plans were to go down to Nashville and then to go down to wherever we were going. I thought it was going to be Milwaukee, but I'm kind of excited that it's New Orleans."

That wasn't the only pleasant surprise. Since so few students showed up for the lottery, those who did were allowed to buy more than their normal allotment. "I'm really excited. We actually got double tickets too, so we can bring a non-student, which is really exciting, so we'll have a nice crew going," Kuhlman said.

As for those remaining tickets, they'll go back to the K-fund, where donors can buy them with proceeds going to support student-athletes.

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